Book Review : MOXIE By Alex Poppe

Publication Date: 30th April 2019
Publisher: Tortoise Books
Est Page count: 242


Jax, a magazine-cover model, has had half her face destroyed in a bomb blast. Drowning in whiskey and self-loathing, she must rebuild her life now that her beauty is gone. Part love letter to New York, part commentary on social justice issues, Moxie is a timely and raw portrayal of the sometimes self-destructive search for identity and redemption.

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I’ll admit, it took me a while to read this book because I was intimidated by it. At first, I was just reading for the sake of reviewing and usually I know, right from the first sentence if I’m gonna continue or not. But reading it was a blur, I was suddenly introduced to a different narration than what I used to. It is like meeting a new character and I knew that she is way different from the others that I have known. There’s something about the writing style that intimidated me yet made me wanting to go on. The very emotions were conveyed perfectly into words.

The book itself is an easy read but has a complicated story. It is as complicated as Jax is.

“Look, you’re not the only one wrestling your mistakes, but you need to own them.”

At first it was a light read, a girl being stuck in sadness and depression without her admitting it but as the story progresses, I found out that there’s more to it. A darker story behind what happened.

I pitied Jax at first but now I wonder if she deserves it. She definitely had a chance to change her ways but she refused to. It was true, she is a self-destructing girl. But I am glad that towards the end, she is slowly getting her life together.

I love how the author narrated the story and she included scenes that needs deeper thinking. It was light read but at the same time if we look closely, there are issues in the society that this book discusses.

It was indeed a great read but there are more parts of the story that I wish the author tackled more. And I am saying this just because wanted more. It talks about self love, friendship, life, owning to your mistakes, and so much more. How I wish it was longer.


Author Bio

Alex Poppe is the author of the debut novel Moxie (2019) and the story collection Girl, World (2017). Girl, World was named a 35 Over 35 Debut Book Award winner, First Horizon Award finalist, Montaigne Medal finalist, and was short-listed for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize. It was also awarded an Honorable Mention in General Fiction from the Eric Hoffer Awards. Her short fiction has been a finalist for Glimmer Train’s Family Matters contest, a nominee for the Pushcart
Prize, and commended for the Baker Prize. Her non-fiction was named a Best of the Net nominee (2016), a finalist for Hot Metal Bridge’s Social Justice Writing
contest, and has appeared in Bust and Bella Caledonia. She is an academic writing lecturer at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani and is working on her third book of fiction with support from Can Serrat International Art Residency and Asociacíon Cultural LINEA DE COSTA DUPLO Artist in Residency programs.

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