A Queen who needs no King

In celebration of the Fierce Female Reads for the month of February, I decided to join Ashley’s (falling down the book hole) tour in blogs, instagram, and twitter. Basically, these posts showcase Fierce Females whether they are from books, movies, or even in real life.

Make sure to read until the end for more information about Fierce Female reads and a chance to win awesome prizes.

Fierce Female for me is someone who stands up for herself and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is someone who has courage to be herself and to be a good example to everyone around her. She is someone who has her own battles but does not need anyone fighting it for herself.

I have actually quite a few characters in mind but I decided to chose this one person who best suit the description. At first, I thought of Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson Series, although I am not a fan of their relationship, I can’t deny that she’s a real badass. She has a brain and she uses it right. There is also Hermione, a great witch and a great friend. I also thought of Paige from The problem with Forever, though she may be a side character, I did not fail to see how tough she is. She stood up for herself and takes good care of her sister. I also thought of Feyre from ACOTAR and how she fend for her family. They’re all awesome in their own ways but I decided to go for REYNA AVILA RAMIREZ-ARELLANO.

  Reyna is indeed a QUEEN (literally haha) WHO NEEDS NO KING.

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano or simply Reyna, is a Roman demigod daughter of Bellona and one of the Praetors of Camp Jupiter. Her mother is a Roman war goddess , and like her mother, she is a strong, dedicated military leader.
As befits her position, she wears a purple toga decorated with medals over Imperial gold armor and carries an Imperial gold knife. Her arm tattoo displays four slash marks for the four years she has lived at the camp, the initials SPQR, and a sword crossed with a torch, the symbols of her mother. She has two automaton dogs: Aurum, who is made of gold, and Argentum, who is made of silver. Both dogs can tell if someone is lying, an ability Reyna finds quite helpful.


Tho at first I perceived her a a strict and cautious type of person, she never failed to showcase her prowess. She has piercing black eyes that added more angst to her aura. She is a leader and a protector of Camp Jupiter. When she was young, she experienced being captured by the pirates together with her sister Hylla and that’s how they learned to protect themselves. As they part ways, Hylla became an Amazon and she became a Praetor. She is a leader and a warrior. She can sometimes be over-empowering but she has a soft side. She will do everything for the ones she loves specially her family. She stands up for what is right and she does things for a great cause.

Now, why did I say that she is a Queen who needs no king? Well besides for the fact that Reyna literally means queen in Filipino and Spanish, it is hinted in the book that maybe Reyna and Jason had a little something going on before Jason lose his memory and became Piper’s boyfriend.

Now caught up with all that happened between Greeks and Romans, Reyna somewhat lost intimacy with Jason so that ended their budding relationship, if there’s any. There are also fans that connects her to Percy and Nico (other characters from the story), but she didn’t really had a partner in the books.

Despite all that she stood her ground and still be the amazing person she is. tho she has no love interest in the book, she is definitely someone you can look up to and be proud of.

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