Abookdevourer: Getting to know me

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I have been posting for a while now but I haven’t really had a proper introduction.

So I decided that this is the perfect time to do one.

I started this blog around November 2016 along with my bookstagram account. Being new to the community made it hard to navigate my site. It actually took some time to be familiarized on what was going on.

Bellay and books is original blog site name or domain name. My mother gave me the nickname Bellay and at that time I don’t want to use my real name so I decided to go with my nickname instead.

A little while later, that blog name wasn’t a very good choice and it’s not enough to capture anyone’s interest so I thought of another name. I remembered how much a book consumes me that I think about it so much even before I sleep. I even day dream about it. Hence, the birth of abookdevourer.

I am Ellie the owner of this blog. I am a nineteen year old girl from the Philippines who loves to read books and who loves to write what she feels.

Growing up, I have been always the shy type. I have no confidence and I like to be left alone. I can’t even interact with my cousins that much because I think one huge factor to that is, they’re much older than me and at that time, I am the youngest in our clan.

That is why I wrote letters. I always write letters to my parents to let them know what happened in my day at school. I also write letters whenever there is an occasion like birthdays, Christmas, valentines, etc. It has been my outlet and a compensation for my shyness.

Thinking back about those times, I think that is why my dream of being a writer blossomed. Do I write now? The answer is no. Writing actually takes time and talent and I currently have nothing. What a better way to pursue writing without having much self-pity for my poor skills? It’s no other than blogging. I can pour my emotions as much as I want to. I can post whenever and whatever.

This blog is also brought to life because of my love for reading. My very first novel is Traces Series by Malcolm Rose. I read it when I was eleven years old. My cousin bought it from a thrift store and he lent it to me. I remember loving Luke’s and Jade’s characters so much that I immediately finished four books in the series. Too bad my cousin only has the first four books. I would love to have the rest of the books and read them. With that said, the first genre I fell in love with is, SCI-FI.

Being a broke elementary student stopped me from buying and reading books. Years passed and when I am a junior in high school, that’s when I met my bookworm classmate. Bless her good soul for lending me here books until we graduate from high school.

When I entered college and got a scholarship, I bought my first series which is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I love Rick Riordan and his humor. It is the best! That’s the start of my bookstagram and blogging career. Now here I am posting whatever interests me.

Got more questions about me? Talk to me on my twitter account @abookdevourer

4 thoughts on “Abookdevourer: Getting to know me

  1. avidreaderdiary says:

    Ellie, this is so heartwarming. I hope writing letters is still a thing in this generation because it’s one of the most beautiful things! Also, please don’t give up on your dream of being a writer. You can do it! It’s hard but we can always try. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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