Author Interview with NARAH QUINN

           Narah Quinn is the author of Fallons hope. I’ve met her through twitter when I was finding a book to review. I have always wanted to review books from independent authors so knowing her is an honor for me. She is one of the sweetest and kindest person I met online. I also loved reading her book and I rate it 4.5/5 stars.

During the past blog tour that I participated in, we are given various options to post about the book may it be a book review, book cover reveal, book feature, etc. and the author interview is what I enjoyed the most. It is a great way to know more about the author and the book. It kinda gives a “behind the scenes” feels. That is why I decided to make another one.

If you are curious about Narah Quinn and Fallons Hope, then keep on reading!


Here’s the questions for Narah Quinn:

1. Please tell something about yourself (e.g. name, age, where you from,hobbies)

Hi, I’m Narah, or at least that’s my author name – I am so crippled by self-doubt about my writing (and a real introvert) that I find it much easier to share and be active as an author if I am someone else – though I am just being myself, hiding behind a book cover – please forgive me! I am 36, married to a wonderful man with 2 fantastic step sons – I live in a really pretty part of the UK, and I mostly love to read, garden, take pictures and cook.

2. How did you start writing? Have you always dreamed of becoming a writer? (what genres do you mostly write)

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, but as a teenager I threw away so many unfinished, even some finished, stories, because I didn’t think they were worth keeping.

 As I mentioned above, I suffer with crippling self-doubt in regards my writing ability, so it took me a really long time to push it down, and to be brave enough to put something out there for people to actually read, like I always wanted to.

3. How did Fallons Hope come to life? (maybe include a brief description of what Fallons hope is about)

Fallons Hope is about 3 sisters (in this life time) who help to keep balance in check. They have lived many lives and things in this one have been good, but there’s more to their new neighbour than even he realises and their lives are disrupted, for both good and bad,along the way.

I wanted something a little different – something that had super natural beings and Gods and humans all in the same world but that was mine and wasn’t quite the same as anything else I’d read. When I first started writing it, I didn’t know that it was going to be from different characters view points, and at the time I had never read anything written that way, though it has become a lot more common now to have more than one point of view. I researched and planned and then I just had to start writing, I had an outline, but it changed as I wrote, taking on a life of its own. I lived in Fallons Hope for a while!

4. Where do you get inspiration from?

It comes from allover – I walk a lot (we are in a semi-rural area) and I look at everything,imagining the world we can’t see all around us! I can be inspired by a picture or a quote, sometimes just by a feeling on a particular day! I have notebooks filled with odd paragraphs or an opening chapter for ideas that have just popped into my head and may or may not one day be something! 

5. How do you build characters up? (I mean do they resemble real life people who is close to you?)

I like my characters to be relatable – even if they are not human, and I use elements of lots of people I know and meet to give them traits that can be central to their character, or just something that makes them, them. I also like them to be relevant to the story, I don’t feel a need to step outside of a box just because its popular to do so and I don’t think it’s necessary to try and make sure that you have a range of diverse characters just because it’s expected to make things more inclusive, I write who I write!

My characters in Fallons are who they are – they are who they came to meas (though I have considered doing an alternative version where Lara is Loren in this lifetime, where meeting Joe could have been an issue, but true love wins out. I’m not naturally romantic – but I do believe that love wins, every time)

 The men in Fallons, all have elements of my husband in them. Its more so in their character than their looks though, it’s the way they are with the sisters and with others, that’s the is the way he is, the way we are in our relationship. It was important for me to include this – because real, lasting love can, and does, exist. Not always in perfect circumstances but it’s there.

 6. What is the greatest thing that you like about Fallons Hope? (maybe character, plot, certain scene, book cover etc.)

I do like my cover! It came out well given the technical issues I had with it! And it’s understated, though down the line I have plans for it!

But I think the thing I love the most is that other readers seem to love it more than I’d hoped they would…it’s very real for me, there’s love and loss and heart ache and I think it delivers it well.

My very good friend @bythe100thpage was a wonderful target audience reader (and editor!) She stepped into Fallons about a year down the line and stayed!She’s quite an expressive reader, so as I wrote I would give her the chapters to read and I’d watch her. If she didn’t react the way I hoped she would to what I had written I would tweak it or rewrite it. I didn’t want it to leave you flat, I wanted the reader to feel the way I did while I was writing it!

7. What do you do when you have a writer’s block?

I tend to just take a break – I find it only gets worse if you try and force something – so instead I’ll do something to relax. I’ll read, or I’ll go outside and just appreciate the world around me, or I’ll cook, that usually frees up whatever was holding me back.

8. What are the struggles of an author that most readers may or may not know?

I could probably write a book about the things I wish I’d known!

 After months, or even years of writing you have to actually put your story out there – you have to apply for representation, and if not, you have to figure out which publishers will take unsolicited submissions. You will have to reformat your novel and revise your synopsis countless times as most publishers want it a different way, it’s never ending and about 95% of them won’t accept simultaneous submissions either so you have to wait 6 weeks or 6 months before sending it off to the next one. Some tell you to get in touch after a certain time has passed, most just never respond.

 I spent the whole of 2016 waiting for responses from about 6 publishers total and that’s because I tried to go with ones that had the shortest response times!

If you are doing it all by yourself, seriously consider publishing independently. I can’t vouch for others, but Amazon is free to use, and if like me you really want to see your book in print, this is a good way to do it! OH,and if you can, buy an ISBN – especially for print version! 

9. What advice can you give to aspiring writers?

Just keep writing! And even though I am the worst for it, believe that it’s good enough, because if it makes even one person happy, you succeeded!

10. What are your hopes for Fallons Hope? (do you have a set goal for your book to achieve something etc) and what are your future plans? (do you plan on publishing another book)

My hope for Fallons is to see it being read – I want to know that it’s out there giving people something they need. I started working with a friend(who is a screen writer) on some other projects about a year ago and I had this vision of Fallons and how it would work as a TV series – I wrote it as a stand-alone novel – but with the nature of the characters, there is room for more, so there is scope for more books too! Currently I am in the early stages of starting a trilogy that began as notes on the back page of Fallons hope as I was editing!I hope to have the first one out much faster than Fallons Hope was.

I hope you had fun reading Narah’s answers as much as I do. To know more about her personally, here’s her social media sites and blog so please check it out.

Narah Quinn’s:






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