Collective Book Haul 2018

          This year has been the happiest year in my bibliophile life since I started on 2016. I am always the “broke bibliophile” and I can’t buy books whenever I want. I actually have to save money before I can even buy one and mind you, it takes months before I can do that because of how little my allowance is and if I want to save money, then I need to sacrifice my allowance for food. And no, I don’t starve myself, I just avoid eating snacks in the afternoon.

Anyway, I’ve been to two book bazaar this year and it is even more exciting because this is the first time that I went. The experience is indeed magical. It is very tiring but it is so worth it.

So here are the books I got this year :

1. Thrift Bookstore Haul

I can’t remember if I bought these books last year but I am including these anyway because these are some good finds. I actually enjoyed Perfectly Ridiculous and The book of tomorrow.

2. Birthday Haul

I’ve got these book from National Bookstore except for the Evernight series which I bought from @grace_lim on ig.

3. Big Bad Wolf Book sale

The Big Bad Wolf meets PH event is the first book bazaar that I went to and it was held at the World Trade Center. I am very happy that I scored a box set of The Maze Runner. There are a lot of book sets at a very much affordable price too but I gotta stay on budget.

4. NBS Thank You Sale

So The National Bookstore celebrated their 75th year anniversary and there is a nationwide sale held which is up to 50% off. Thank goodness for my “paluwagan” I was able to buy these.

5.Book Binge Bazaar by NBS

So during the MIBF 2018, The National Bookstore also hosted a book binge bazaar in which they have a set price for every book. The price range in 75-375 php. This event is totally amazing. I am so privileged to experience this.

6. NBS Cut-off Sale

I only bought one book but I am happy with this purchase. This also marks the day when I am finally so broke that I won’t be able to buy another book.

Nothing is more exciting than buying a book and bringing it home. I hope that I can get to do this more in the future. Shoutout also to thebratreads on ig for being my book buddy. Check out her beautiful ig feed

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