“Take Guts” Tuesday

I am a shy type of girl and yet I am adventurous inside. I want to try new things and widen my horizon but I am too afraid. That’s why I created this TAKE GUTS TUESDAY to remind myself that it is okay to try and be brave. It is okay to take risks.

             “Take Guts” is an idiom which means to have  courage in the face of danger or great risk.

You may ask why I thought of doing this so let me tell you why.

We had our Philippine literature class a while ago and our professor asked a question and I think I know the answer. Even though he is a very considerable teacher and he doesn’t humiliate his student even he/she answers wrong, still I can’t find the courage to raise my hand and tell my thoughts. But this is not only about school, this always happen to me. I am always given the opportunity but I am too afraid to try. There are times when I should’ve spoken up but I didn’t. Times where I chose not to do even simple things. I always have second thoughts. And I always regret things.

It’s hard to live with full of regrets, believe me. Every night before I go to sleep there’s a voice inside who is nagging me of the things that I should’ve done, of words that I should’ve said. So I’m telling you, when you had a chance, grab it. EMBRACE IT TIGHTLY. I know this is a cliche but I think we need it. We need to be reminded that we must try.  If we fail, at least we gave our best and it will serve as a lesson.

” I’d rather live a life of oh wells than what ifs. “



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