False Hope

Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer nor have I taken a proper lesson in making poems. This is just a result of my “trying-hard-to-be-a-writer” feels. And it is written on February 2, 2015. I hope you can somehow appreciate this.

You showed me rainbows
You showed me light
You gave me hope
You gave me love


You wiped my tear
You made me smile
You made me laugh
You gave me butterfly


You made me believe
You’ve earned my trust
I gave you my loyalty
And I gave you my heart


But then I saw your true color
You’re just a great pretender
My mind can’t absorb what you’ve done
My heart can’t accept that you’re gone


I am in despair and I felt betrayed
I am broken inside and out
Can’t think of a reason why you did that
Can you please explain me why?


Why? why? why?
I keep asking myself
Why? why? why?
Don’t leave me tormented


I badly need your answer
Explain me your side
Please say it louder
Before I get tired


I really thought we’re meant to be
I’ve got high hopes for YOU and ME
But then reality strike me
It’s time to wake up from my FANTASY

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