There’s always a rainbow after the rain

 The story how I got scammed plus the giveaway prizes that I got.

I believe that in every sadness that you experience, there’s happiness that awaits for you.

Last, September I decided to buy books. I admit that we are not rich so I really can’t afford to buy books. It will take me months before saving enough money to buy books.

Then, I got money from my scholarship and I decided to give myself a present because I deserve a break from all the stress from school and I worked hard to pass all my subjects.

I posted online saying that I am looking for the the box set of Harry Potter and Heroes of Olympus. After some hour, someone messaged me that she is selling those books and she have them on hand. So I talked to her and all. I had some doubts back then but I set it aside. I, being so greedy for books and being so foolish, I grab her bait then boom. I deposited the money and she blocked me.

I almost lost my hope and I cried my heart out. I waited long enough just to have money to buy books only to find out that those books will never come. They’ll never be with me. I will never have them.

But fate did a little trick on me. It actually gave me happiness. I joined a giveaway hosted by Cici and a private giveaway by Ketiana and I WON!!! I am so thankful for the beautiful ladies with golden hearts for picking me as their winner. I sincerely thank you Cici and Ketiana. I am so happy right now.

So these are the books that I got:

Gosh! So excited!


Here they are! Still waiting for ACOTAR tho but no doubt THEY’RE GORGEOUS!




Always remember that there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

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