“Don’t stand out. Blend in. Remain invisible.” This is the rule that Wynter lived in hoping that it will keep her alive. But there are things that are bound to happen no matter what. In just a matter of a split second, everything has changed. Is this a curse or a blessing? Is there a way to control it? Do you actually have the capability to set things right? Or even so change what is bound to happen?

Miss M.A PHIPPS is generous enough to give me an e-copy of the first book in the Project W.A.R trilogy which is ULTRAXENOPIA. This is a young adult distopian that is basically about a twenty-one year old girl and her struggle to find answers regarding her condition.

First, the title, it really captivated me. I like how it gives mystery. At first, I wondered what could it mean but as I go through every chapter I found answer. It is an easy read and it is fast paced. I like how the author described every scene I can clearly picture that out.

Second the characters, Wynter, as a really tough girl though everything was new to her and she can’t understand what’s happening just yet, she manage to show her determination and bravery.

Ezra, he might be young but he is mature enough to stand on what he believe is right and be a great leader.

Jenner, is like the sun. His optimistic personality will surely give you hope and light.

Austin a.k.a Dr. Richter, (should I include him? haha) I just don’t know yet what dragged him to do what he is doing but he is a very vicious man. I want to strangle him.

Lastly, I also love how the author somewhat managed to keep me in the dark, this is not that predictable. It kinda gives me “The Giver” and “Divergent” feels which is good for me. You will be hooked with the story and will eager to know what will be Wynter’s next step. Will she conquer these all by herself? Or will she look back and take the hand of Ezra. Will she be able to change what’s inevitable? Or will she be the cause of destruction? These are the thoughts that came in to my mind as soon as I finished the book and I am hoping to find an answer in the book two entitled “TYPE X” that will be released on July, I think.


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